Legal simplified.

Developed by award winning attorneys and leading technologists, we are driven by a singular vision: to democratize access to top-tier transactional legal services using cutting edge technology.

Digital Legal Innovation:
Empowering Entrepreneurs and SMBs

Aracor is a legal technology company that makes contract review and negotiation simpler for businesses and their lawyers. Our mission? Redefine legal support for the digital age. Stay tuned for products and services designed to navigate complexities and drive success in the entrepreneurial landscape!
Unrivaled expertise.

Our founders and advisors have led major law firms and global in-house legal teams, have built tech unicorns and successful venture funds, have sat on public company boards and advised seed-stage startups. We know how to help businesses and we know what it takes to get from zero to one.
Solutions for SMBs and legal teams.

With turnkey and bespoke solutions, Aracor can customize contract drafting and review software solutions for law firms and professional teams. Review documents according to specific styles and objectives. Create your own avatars.
Building a better law practice.

To further our mission we are also building a separate law firm - Aracor Law, the next frontier in legal support. Currently under construction. Our digital law firm is coming soon, designed to provide “last mile” legal advice and more to entrepreneurs and SMBs.

Meet the Team

We are building a digital law firm to further our mission and support entrepreneurs and SMBs.
Katya Fisher
Katya Fisher
CEO and Founder of Aracor

Industry advisors

Dr. Jules Colemanr
Dr. Jules Coleman
• Chief Learning Officer of Constructor Knowledge • Former Wesley Newcomb Professor of Jurisprudence, Yale Law School • Former Senior Vice Provost Academic Planning, New York University
Gordon Caplan
Gordon Caplan
• Chief Executive Officer of Dutchess Management LLC. • Former Co-Chairman, Willkie Farr & Gallager LLP.
David J. Schwartz
David J. Schwartz
Chief Legal Officer with 25 years of experience at global consumer businesses, including HBC and Toys "R" Us, Inc. Most recently, co-led the launch of Saks Cloud Services, an IT services company focused on the retail industry.
Paul Jeffries
Paul Jeffries
• FounderPool, Managing Director of Slipstream Venture Capital • Former Facebook (Meta) Head of Legal Operations

Aracor RIO is the legal assistant you need

Introducing Aracor RIO, your virtual paralegal. Named in honor of flight officers who occupy the rear seat of aircraft such as the F-14 Tomcat, and are responsible for communication and navigation while the pilot flies the plane.
Aracor RIO for Lawyers:
  • Created by lawyers for lawyers
  • Secure, private, accurate
  • Contract review, drafting and editing
  • Translate into different languages
  • Streamlined client communications
Aracor RIO for individuals and businesses:
  • Self-service contract review tools
  • Document review and editing assistance
  • Collaborate with your lawyer in real time
  • Save time and money on legal expenses
  • 24/7 support

Streamlined document mastery in four steps

Aracor RIO streamlines the complexities of common business contracts. Elevate your business with precision and ease, as Aracor RIO becomes your right hand in reviewing and negotiating commercial agreements.
Upload documents for secure processing
Effortlessly enhance your document workflow by securely uploading files for streamlined processing through Aracor's advanced AI capabilities.
Let Aracor handle sensitive data redaction
Safeguard sensitive information with confidence as Aracor expertly redacts confidential data, ensuring privacy and regulatory compliance.
Trust Aracor to analyze document context
Experience the power of automated analysis as Aracor delves into document context, delivering valuable insights for informed decision-making.
Engage with AI by asking questions and receiving prompt answers
Foster efficient collaboration by engaging seamlessly with AI, posing questions and receiving prompt answers that elevate your understanding of the documents at hand.